We provide cost savings solutions for Merchant Credit Card Processing, Payment Gateways, Credit Card Terminals, and Wireless Mobile Payment Processing.

Recently, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express as well as PayPal have increased Merchant Costs and Rates across the board. Fees have also seen an increase from many Merchant Processors.

You can pay less for all your processing services with Process For Less, regardless of the level of risk.

Call today and we’ll guide you through the simple process that can save you 20% or more on processing rates and fees


What Business Types Do You Accept?

Our Payment Processing is available to New and Existing Merchants in the United States of America. We have relationships in place with Low Risk, Medium Risk, and High Risk Credit Card Processing. Most businesses fall into the Standard Risk category. A review of your current account or info related to an account you need to open will give the info required to properly place and discount rates associated with your business type.

More Than Just A Number!

When you choose Process For Less, you receive a dedicated representative, assigned to your account. You don’t have to work with random individuals that have no personal relationship with your business. Your rep will get to know what you expect and see that it is delivered to you!

You will receive sound advice and help when needed. You also have the comfort of 24 hour access to account details and assistance.

Our Merchants Sell More!

Our team consists of Social Media Professionals, Google Ad Specialists, and Facebook Marketing Experts. You have access to them for questions related to marketing and growth. One conversation will open your mind to the growth that is possible based on simple changes to existing or new ads. 

How Do I Know If I Am Paying Too Much?

Unfortunately, you may NOT know if you are paying too much. Credit Card Processing Statements can be difficult to read and there are billing practices that make it almost impossible to find the true rates you are paying. Our free statement analysis will clear up all the details so that we can show you great savings!

How Fast Do I Get My Funding?

Standard Risk Merchants receive Next Day Funding direct to their bank account. There are also same day funding opportunities for some business types. 

How Long Will It Take To Set Up A New Merchant Account?

Your time is valuable and we won’t waste it! The time required to gather docs and submit the application will take you no more than 1 hour. Accounts are normally approved within 24 hours. Some accounts will require additional documentation at times. Once approved, we will have your new account ready to be integrated within 48 hours.

We can help with most account integrations at no cost to you.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

We’ve provided discount credit card processing for eCommerce and Retail since 2005. Many high volume online merchants have switched to us, not just for savings but the direct professional representation we provide.

We’re known for no nonsense discussion without any sales chatter. No novices work here. We are all eCommerce professionals as well as Payment Processing Specialists.We are based in Virginia Beach, VA

How Can You Help Us Avoid Fraudulent Orders?

This is a specialized service that we offer for FREE to our merchants. Automated fraud prevention software often FAILS. We provide a pair of well qualified HUMAN eyes to research any order you find suspicious BEFORE you take the risk to ship.

What Is Your Best Rate?

The “best rate” is arrived at by reviewing your recent Credit Card Processing Statements and determining how your account is priced. There are many different ways to price merchant accounts. Some price a percentage in above actual cost, while other set specific rates for each type of card accepted.

We will not miss you with our “Best Rate” and look forward to years of satisfaction with our processing. Count on it!

What Does Your Processing Integrate With?

Our processors create accounts that integrate with everything whether it be a shopping cart, wireless terminal, or payment gateway. We work with all the popular shopping carts like Big Commerce and Yahoo Store as well as all other carts. Again, in most cases we will do the integration for you.

How Do I Get Started or Request a Statement Review?

Getting a quote or having a conversation is easy! Call us at 757-780-8085, or email

You can also use the convenient form below. 

We look forward to showing you  great savings and service!